Sunday, May 2, 2010
I thought this moment would never come. :) but here I am, starting my very own "my son says" blog posts. :) just small cute things that come out of his mouth to keep

April 30, 2010
While me and Mike playfighting around the house, Mike grabs Ari and lifts him in the air and playkicks me with his foot. After he let's Ari go, Mike laughs and says - that's right, tell Mommy you are a warrior!!! Ari looks up, runs towards me, puts his hands around my face and says "SORRY". That was like the sweetest moment. :)

1 May 2010
After doing his business at the toilet and seeing it flushed down with sad face:


Nikki @ Mommy Factor said...

It's good to see you type your son said. I'm still waiting. *sigh* He talks a little but still not fully.

Sherri LaPonsie said...

Thats too cute!

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