Tuesday, March 23, 2010
As I look at my beautiful son sleeping next to me I can't help but wonder - what part of him should I kiss today to make it a special celebration day?

Should I kiss his eyes that are perfectly almond? Or his hair that are almost straight and silky? Or the dimples on his chicks and chin when he smiles because he's got them from my father?

Or should I stop looking for asian in him because so many will not accept him as being such? His skin is darker, his hair curlier, his arms and legs are longer, and his eyes being just a bit too round for Asian child...

Or may be as his mother it's not my job to guess the shape of his eyes but to make sure there are happiness and true joy in them. I don't see the color of his skin - it is the glow and warmth that get my attention. The texture of his hair concerns me only because I am planning to lock his hair before he gets to school to display his pride and connection to his heritage.

And to answer the question of the post - today my son will get more kisses and hugs than he can handle. He will fight, say his "no no no" and try to get away from me. He is so very independent, my little warrior child. And no matter which side he gets that personality from -that's one thing I want to believe he'll keep throughout his life.

But all those kisses are not because of some silly made up day. Every day in our family is a "kiss a little boy with the heart of the warrior" day. And that's the way it should be. He deserves it.


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